Julius Tuvenvall, Art Director
Within this digital text, you'll uncover the essence of Julius's artistic prowess, his visionary thinking, and his remarkable ability to develop ideas and execute visual masterpieces. Together, we embark on a voyage through a portfolio-introduction-text that encapsulates the very spirit of creativity and innovation. Join us as we explore the captivating world of design and storytelling, where imagination knows no bounds, and artistry knows no limits. Welcome to the introduction-text about the introduction-text about Julius Tuvenvall, currently making ads for oats at Oatly.

OATLY, Art Director, 2022 — Now
Klarna, Art Director,  2021 — 2022
AVAVAV Firenze, Art Director, 2020 — 2021
A World Beneath, Art Director, 2020 — 2021
Åkestam Holst, Art Director, Intern, 2019
KING, Studio Manager, 2015 — 2017

Awards & Merits
Guldägget, 2024 - Gold
Guldägget, 2023 - Silver
Kycklingstipendiet, 2022
Guldägget, 2020 - Silver
ADC, The Young Ones, 2020 - Gold
Liljevalchs Vårsalong, 2020
DN Reklamcupen, 2019 - Gold
Summit Award, 2018 - Gold

BFA, Beckmans College of Design,
Visual Communication, 2017 - 2020