When people bet on sports they do research. A lot of research. They become experts. ClimateBet wants people to do the same with climate change. Instead of becoming experts on how high altitude effects soccer players for instance, ClimateBet will make us become experts on what causes global warming and how to fight it.

It might be controversial to bet on global warming, but ClimateBet is about shocking society and sending a message we can’t ignore. And by doing so, be a part of the solution to global warming. The more knowledge we have, the more we will engage in saving our planet.

This is a student project that has not been approved or sponsored by Unibet.

Creative team: Julius Tuvenvall, Josefin Inge & Viggo Lindberg

ADC, The Young Ones, 2020 - Gold 
New York Festivals, 2020 - Finalist